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642 Things to Write About


Hey guys! 

For Christmas I got the book “642 Things to Write About”, which was something I had been eyeing out for a while and I got really excited when I actually got it.


Each page has the start of a sentence or an idea of something that you can write about, which I think is something really good for those days when you’re suffering from writer’s block. Some pages have more than one idea so what you write could be either long or short. 



 I really love this book, and it’s the type of thing I would take with me on a train journey, or maybe on a plane because there are so many different things you can write about, and a lot of them are really funny as well so you don’t usually realise how much time has passed. 


 I would definitely recommend this book for anyone, whether you’re a professional writer or you just write for fun. It also makes a great present for a friend or family member who enjoys writing, so I’d certainly give it a go! 

-The Storyteller 


6 thoughts on “642 Things to Write About”

      1. I was just wondering because a friend of mine is left handed and her writing is nearly identical to yours. My brain wonders about strange things.

        I’ve also always wanted to be left handed, I actually started out being left handed but my mom and teachers made me use my right, so now I can’t write with my left. Greatest regret ever ๐Ÿ˜›

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