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Sixth Form Parties

Hey guys!

Last night I went to my first (and quite possibly the last) Sixth Form Party. This particular party was the “After-Showcase” party, which won’t make sense unless you go to my school (which is unlikely) or if I explain. Every year we have a Sixth Form Variety Showcase, which is a one-night-only event almost completely run by the Sixth Form… and a fair amount of input by our Head of Sixth Form. In the past, there have been general Sixth Form parties, there have been After Prom parties, and there’s probably going to be a Leaver’s Day party.

I hadn’t been to any of these parties before, due to either lack of interest, or I was just busy. So I thought that I may as well take the opportunity to have the experience of going to one of these “infamous” parties.

The party started at 7.30pm, but we only arrived at about 9pm, because a) I was busy before hand anyway and b) we got lost. I was driving my sister and friends to the venue, which was in a barn, by the way, and it was apparently the same place where the last two after proms have been so I was hoping my sister would know the way. After driving up and down the same road about three times, we finally found it.

At this point, almost everyone was either drunk or high. One of my friends who had arrived earlier kept reminding me on how drunk he was. There was a group of incredibly enthusiastic dancers who were clearly unaware of what they were doing. There were people acting very suspicious because they were probably doing some illegal things. And the music was terrible.

I’d already organized with my friends who I was giving a lift home that I wouldn’t be leaving any later than 11pm, because I have a black box in my car which has this curfew on it (which is 11pm) so if you are driving after this time then the insurance increases. Anyway, two of the four people I was giving a lift home were certainly enjoying themselves, but that was because they’d had a few to drink. I on the other hand was the “designated driver”, and I am also working today so I stayed sober. Which was fine, I mean I don’t really drink anyway, but when everyone around you is having a “great time” it just made me want to go home even more.

By 10.30pm me, my sister and one of our other friends (who was visiting from the Midlands) were very bored, and wanted to leave. So then began the task of trying to get our tipsy friends out of the barn. But then of course, my friend who kept reminding me of how drunk he was had collapsed, and we had to try and sort him out. He kept saying he’d had “15 vodka”, and then he was throwing up on his shoes…. So then his close friends came over (I don’t know where they’d been but they weren’t there when we found him) and they called his parents. So, we took him to the front of the drive and waited.

His dad arrived at about 11pm, and then he said he was also supposed to be giving a friend a lift home, so we had to wait for the friend. After about 15 minutes, he came and said he could find his own way home. So by this point, I was very tired and very cold and very bored and I just wanted to leave. Thankfully my drunk friends had sobered up a bit and were ready to leave. (I think they were prepared to leave because they’d otherwise have to find their own way home)

I only got home at 11.30pm, after dropping off two passengers, and the other two complaining about how much they needed the toilet.

Overall, Sixth Form Parties are only fun if you’re drunk, which I don’t recommend. It’s fine to have a few drinks but you really need to know your limits because it could end seriously badly. Now, I’m all for having a good time, but this wasn’t the type of party I’d like to go to again. Ever.

-The Storyteller


5 thoughts on “Sixth Form Parties”

  1. Haha well at least you know that now! I’ve actually never been to a party (I’ve been invited but I didn’t go) so I can’t really relate but good luck with those in the future!

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