Villains make the best characters

Hey guys!

I’m in year 13, which is my last year at school before going to University, and every year there is the Year 11 and Year 13 leavers day. In Year 11, you’re allowed to come in dressed up as anything you like, but in year 13 there is a set theme. Last year, the theme was “blast from the past”, and I think the year before (or the year before that) was to come in as a character whose name starts with the same first letter as yours.

I love dressing up, and this got me thinking about what I would come in as if that was our theme (we haven’t been told what it is yet). I know for sure that I would come in as the Joker from Batman (the Heath Ledger version) because he is just the ultimate bad guy. I’d probably alter the outfit a bit, maybe make a female version or something, but still.

I think if I had the choice of playing a bad guy in a film or something, then I would take it because even though the bad guys lose the final battle, they always have some of the best lines and the best fight scenes and the film or book would be nothing without them. The villains complete the story and make it so much more exciting. And you can probably tell that the Joker is my favourite bad guy so I’d give any excuse to dress up as him. In fact, I nearly went as the Joker for Halloween but I was away for a week and then I ran out of time so maybe next year…

-The Storyteller


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