Take me to Bordeaux

Hey guys!

France is probably one of the places I’ve visited the most in my life, possibly a close second to South Africa. Whenever we go to France, however, we always go to Paris and as fun as it is to go there, it does sometimes get a bit repetitive.

In my A2 French syllabus, we have to research a region of France, and I decided to research Aquitaine, simply because that is where Bordeaux is and I’ve always wanted to go to Bordeaux. The closest I’ve been is Biarritz, which is in the same region, but it’s part of the Basque country so there are a few Spanish influences there.

Bordeaux sounds like one of those exotic places where you can ride on the beach on a horse (even though I’m allergic but this is my fantasy, okay?) and drink wine watching the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean… *sighs*

As I’ve gone deeper into my research about Bordeaux and Aquitaine for my studies, the more I want to visit. The main reason I love travelling so much is because different cultures fascinate me so much, and the different architecture you find just gets me really excited about seeing it, and experiencing it for yourself. What’s exciting is that I might be going in April or May, but it’s still just a possibility at the moment, so we shall see in time.

Have any of you been to Bordeaux? If so, what did you think of it, and what do you recommend?

-The Storyteller


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