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Halestorm- Cardiff, 13/03/15

Hey guys!

Last night I went to see one of my FAVOURITE bands for the second time in about a year and a half, and they were incredible. I’ve gone on about Halestorm before in many posts, so you can go and search them if you don’t know who they are already!

The gig was at Cardiff University’s Great Hall, and it was fairly small inside. Although we were in the middle of the crowd, it still felt like we were nearer the front than in other places I’ve seen bands so it was quite cozy in a way! The two supporting acts were a band called Wilson, and a band called Nothing More. Neither of them were bands I’d heard of before, but they were entertaining all the same. Wilson’s lead singer crowd surfed at the end of their set, and me and my friends weren’t expecting it so we were a bit… confused? But anyway, I found myself in the way (no surprise there) and when he came back to the ground he… stood on my foot… but it was okay because it didn’t hurt and now I can say that the singer from the band Wilson stood on my foot, so it’s not all bad!

The only bad thing about the night were some of the people in the crowd around us. There was this guy (wearing a shirt and tie… as you do at a hard rock gig) who was trying to push his way to the front. He pushed past my sister, then past these two girls in front of us who weren’t having any of it, so they sent him back. Unfortunately for me, that meant he was immediately to my left. But he wasn’t a problem for the rest of the evening.

When Halestorm actually came on stage, there were these other two girls in front of me (they looked maybe about 15 years old) and this couple behind me who were standing so close to me that I became a Janet sandwich. I was trying to subtly push the girl in front of me to take maybe one step forward, I mean there was definitely enough space, but she just wouldn’t budge! So I gave up on that and carried on as I normally would at any other gig, which included jumping up and down. I think there were times when she said things about me to her friend, but she could have moved forward! So I am not taking it as my fault. The couple behind me were okay, because during gigs you tend to move around anyway so you won’t finish where you started. Unless you stay completely still for the whole thing. But who would do that?

All in all, it was an amazing night, and I’d definitely recommend seeing Halestorm live- if you’re into their sort of music, of course!

-The Storyteller



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