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The Procrastination Problem.

Hey guys!

I am one of many who suffer from the Procrastination Problem. I’ve probably written about this before, and I’m probably going to write about this again at some point in the future, but I think that shows how much of a problem the Procrastination Problem really is.

For some reason I decided to take A-level French, and some how I came out with a C last year, which was great because I really thought I’d messed it up big time. So I decided not to drop French and carry on with it for another year, I mean… how hard can your last year of a language really be, eh?

Very. Apparently.

My grammar is what always lets me down because I’m really good at forgetting what I’ve just learnt. For example, we might be learning about the Passe Compose one week, which will be fine and I’ll understand it, then the next week we’ll be learning the Future tense, which will also be fine, and then as soon as my teacher tests the class on the Passe Compose again, the only thing I’ll be able to remember is the Future tense, because… well… I learnt it more recently.

Which leads me onto procrastination. Procrastination is when you basically feel like you have more “important” things to be doing then the actual important thing you’re supposed to be doing. Like revision. Instead of actually doing this, you may think that writing a blog post about procrastination is a better idea than trying to pass your exams… *cough, cough*

However, in my experience of being a procrastinator, I usually feel worse about not doing the “Important Thing” than actually trying to make an effort. Yesterday, I had two lessons: One was first and the second was last, so that gave me three (almost) solid hours in the library to sort out my French grammar issues. And it felt great, because I can’t say that I’ve learnt everything about the French language in one sitting, but I can say that I’ve made a start and I know where I’m going now.

Normally, the hardest step is the first one, but once you start making your way, it all gets easier from there.


-The Storyteller


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