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I am Olaf

Hey guys!

Normally when asked the question,

“What’s your favourite season?”

I’ll answer winter. I love winter, I love cold weather and the idea of having snow on Christmas morning, and eating all the food because your excuse is that it’s cold, therefore you need to eat as much as possible. But by February, I always look forward to summer. There’s that smell on summer mornings that’s fresh (a bit like after it’s just rained) and you can tell that it’s going to be a good day…

I literally feel like Olaf fromย Frozen.ย I want it to be summer already, especially because this year I get a super long holiday once my exams are over on the 15th June. Me and my friends want to go on a road trip to Alton Towers, and then in July I’m going to South Africa, then in August my sister and I may be going to Dubai with my friend to stay with her aunt it’s all going to be really exciting and I can’t wait…

I can't wait for SUMMER!!
I can’t wait for SUMMER!!

Is anyone else as excited for summer as I am? I think this year’s going to be better than any other year for some reason, and yet this year is more important than any other year, because I have my final exams and I’ll get my results and it will all depend on whether or not I’ll get into University… so even though I’m looking forward to all this travelling, there’s a bit of worry as well!

-The Storyteller


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