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Footballers are actors in disguise…

Hey guys! 

I think this post is going to be very obvious to most people, as you can probably already guess by the title. As I write, we are halfway through the Manchester United vs Arsenal game, and all they’re showing is slo-mo clips of the footballers falling over and demanding justice for the invisible leg that suddenly tripped them up. 

Footballers, in my opinion, are bigger drama queens than actors themselves. And I may be sounding biased, because if I had the option to choose between being on stage or on the pitch, I would definitely choose the former. 

If you think about it though, footballers and actors have a very similar lifestyle so my theory has the potential of being true. I mean, they’re both on some form of stage in front of an audience, and if you get something wrong on the night then you’ll always be remembered for your mistake… Or of course your absolutely incredible performance!

Whenever I see a footballer in “pain”, I always think of how much pain they’re actually in. Yeah, sure it hurts to trip and fall over, but when you watch the slo-mo replays of the players jumping high into the air to head the ball, and landing on their side on the ground, they very rarely complain… I think it’s fair to say, their acting skills need to be more on point! 

As you can possibly tell I’m not the biggest football fan, but it’s always amusing to have a lighter look on such a ‘serious’ game every now and then…

-The Storyteller 


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