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Fringe Frenzy

Hey guys!

For about a month now, I’ve had a fringe. I used to have one when I was little, but in the last ten years or so, it’s been very on/off. I decided to get a fringe because I felt like jazzing things up a little bit, but I now remember why I grew my fringe out in the first place.

It gets really annoying. 

I seem to be the only one who finds my fringe annoying. Everyone else loves it and whenever I tell them I might just grow it out again, they’re like “Hey, what? Why would you do that? It suits you!” But I don’t think they truly understand what it means to have a fringe when you’re someone like me.

Firstly, I’ve had to change the way I dry my hair in the mornings after I’ve washed it. Before, I could get away with not drying and brushing it properly. But now, I have to actually use my round brush (I don’t know what the actual name of it is, but it’s… round…) like they do in the hairdressers, and it just takes up more time.

Secondly, it doesn’t help when your fringe is just below your eyebrows, so when you swim 5 days a week and have to wear a swimming hat, your fringe won’t help by just staying out of the way! 

Which leads me onto my third and final point about fringes- they seem to grow a lot quicker than the rest of your hair, so you either just have to keep flicking it out of the way, or get it trimmed every few weeks. And that’s a problem if your hairdresser is at the top of a very steep hill and you’re not really one for going on a trek.

I haven’t actually decided if I’m going to keep my fringe or not. I think I will for now, because one of the benefits is that it hides any spots on your forehead. So at least one good thing has come from all this!

-The Storyteller


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