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What if…?

Hey guys!

Some of you may know that my dad is a geologist, which means he travels a lot with his work. My mum is also a bit of an experienced traveler, and has told me on many occasions about how close we were to moving to Argentina. Except, when this could have happened, there weren’t exactly many jobs going so it didn’t happen. 

It’s weird how the smallest changes or decisions can effect your life forever. I mean, I could be fluent in Spanish and English and living in South America for Christ’s sake! South America is the place I want to visit and it would have been amazing if that had actually happened. I could have had a pet goat and it wouldn’t be weird. It makes you question a lot of the decisions you’ve made in your life, and where you’d be at this moment in time if you had decided to have scrambled eggs for breakfast rather than a bowl of shreddies. (This morning I just couldn’t decide so I had both)

But yeah, basically, I could have been Argentinian. But then my mum also told me that we could have moved to Canada, which is also pretty sweet if you ask me. I don’t mind the cold weather so it’s not a bad choice and it’s Canada… who wouldn’t want to live there?

Anyway, I need to go and get some French revision done, so I shall bid you all farewell on this Merry Monday afternoon!

-The Storyteller


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