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I’m Not Weird… I SWEAR!

Hey guys!

The other day, I was talking to a couple of friends during one of our free periods- I mean, uh, study periods *cough cough*. We started talking about the Sixth Form Showcase, which is something our school does every year and it’s great, because it’s for one night only and every year is completely different. So last year, I led a group to do the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Show, which was one of the best things I’ve ever done. And as you all know, my name is Janet. *INSERT DAMN IT JANET JOKES HERE* But I refused to be Janet Weiss, simply because she’s possibly my least favourite character. She’s just a bit annoying. So I decided to be Magenta.


But that’s not the point. I then said how it would be funny if I married someone called Brad. Why? Because then I would definitely organize a Rocky Horror themed wedding. I would have the Vicar dress up as Frankenfurter, the dress code would be colourful, and I would give the guests the option of wearing fishnets and corsets, and everyone would have to do the Time Warp when I walk down the aisle after the “I do’s”. Oh, and Rocky would probably have to be the best man.

giphy (1)

The reason this post is called what it is, is because I’ve never, ever planned my own wedding. I think that’s a little bit… over the top. I mean, I’m 18 for God’s sake and I don’t even have a boyfriend so it all just seems a bit silly to me. But either way, it just goes to show you that other side to me, eh? I mean, I’m definitely… not… weird. I promise.


But yeah. Talking about this has actually kind of made me want to do this, but that’s definitely still a while away in the future, so I’ll just keeping daydreaming about it for now.

-The Storyteller


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