Weird Words

Hey guys!

You know when you repeat a word so often that it starts to sound weird? Like, at first you’ll say it loads of times because it’s different or it sounds cool but then you ruin it by saying it so many times in one go….

I normally find that with people’s names. I think it was my brothers name at first and I was just standing there saying “Jim…” to myself and then it became a weird word.

I also find that there are words I don’t like simply because they sound weird already. For example, I hate the word “nap” so much that if someone suggests I go and take a nap, I won’t because there’s the fact I hate the word, and also because when I wake up I refer everything that happened before the nap as “yesterday” even though it was probably only an hour beforehand.

Does anyone else have this weird thing with words? And what other words do you consider to be on your weird list?

-The Storyteller


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