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Galentine’s Day 2015

Hey guys!

Valentine’s day has been and gone for yet another year, but we can forget about all that. If you’re a singleton like myself and just want a fun night in (or out) with your gal-pals, then Galentine’s is the night for you! The only thing not allowed are boyfriends… which is kind of why we’re doing Galentine’s Day 2015 this Wednesday. (Also known as Hugh Grant day, as you will soon find out…)

We have decided to make this a night of rom-coms, including Bridget Jones, The Proposal, Notting Hill, and Love Actually, as well as plenty of chocolate and of course, we are going to do “Secret Cupid” (basically the same idea as Secret Santa), and the only rule is it has to be pretty cliche and lovey-dovey.

The idea came from a little TV show called “Parks and Recreation”, which my sister loves so obviously we went ahead with the idea, and I can only say I can’t wait.

I think this should be a bigger thing. I think it should be even bigger than Valentine’s Day, because it’s way more fun (in my opinion anyway!)

-The Storyteller



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