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Being Competitive

Hey guys!

I’ve come to the conclusion that in the past 8 or so years that I’ve been in my swimming club, I can be a very competitive person. It started out in galas, and racing against your friends was the best thing ever when you beat them, especially if it’s by a millisecond. If you lose, it makes you even more competitive for the next race against them.

I don’t think being competitive is a bad thing at all. I think people should be encouraged to be competitive, because it means you want to be better next time round rather than complain and not try very hard. I’ve swum in a countless number of galas, and I have come last, gotten disqualified, not got a Personal Best, but even though that’s disappointing at the time, you learn to overcome it.

My competitive nature in swimming has also started to come across in school. When we get results for tests, I won’t always admit it but I do want to get the same grade or higher than a friend in the same class. (I won’t tell them that though, that would be mean…) In French, I sit next to a girl who wants to do French and Music at University, so she has to be good at French, and while she’s getting A’s and B’s, and 10/10 on every test, I’m just getting by on a C or a D grade, and only getting half marks. And I get annoyed because I feel like I’m not good enough compared to everyone else in my class of five other girls… but at the end of the day, me getting annoyed about my grades will only spur me on to prove the teachers wrong. And there is no greater feeling than that. I remember when I got my GCSE grades, and I had been predicted an E or a D in Physics, I opened up my results and found I’d gotten a C. And since then my only regret is not shoving it in my teacher’s face saying “YEAH! SEE THAT? IT’S A C. BOOM!”

I love being a competitive person. I think it makes you feel good about yourself, because you know that if you don’t succeed first time around, there’s always next time.

-The Storyteller


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