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Review on… Kingsman

Hey guys!

Last night I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service with my mum and my sister. Now, Kingsman has been described as a “postmodern” film, which tends to mean that it’s a bit like marmite- you either like it, or you don’t. Generally I like postmodern things, so this was definitely a good film for me. It’s basically James Bond meets Eastenders, so if you’re into that kind of thing… then by all means, go and see it! (Although I can’t stand Eastenders, and I wouldn’t call myself the biggest James Bond geek either… but I still loved the film.)

Basically, Kingsman is a spy agency based in London, and when one of the Kingsmen dies at the beginning of the film, the other “Knights of the Round Table” are sent on a mission to find new recruits- one of which is Eggsy, whose father died 17 years previously to save Colin Firth from a suicide bomber. Eggsy is streetwise, and doesn’t exactly “fit in” with the other recruits, who are all from Oxford and Cambridge (queue stereotypical posh boys in tweed jackets called Sebastian and Charles…). During the process, Eggsy discovers himself and learns the true meaning of being a Kingsman. (sorry about the cheesy line)

As I said already, I really loved it. It has Colin Firth in actual fighting scenes, not just the one like in Bridget Jones against Hugh Grant, like the one below…

(If you were expecting anything like this, I am sorry but that’s the wrong film…)

…but scenes with really cool spy-equipment-with-hidden-guns-and-knives-in-shoes!!!Anyway. Kingsman is definitely on my list of Must-See-Films of this year, because it’s got action, humour, tension, Samuel L. Jackson… what more could you want?

-The Storyteller



2 thoughts on “Review on… Kingsman”

  1. I went to see it and I loved it! It had loads of different elements to it like I couldn’t stop laughing when eggsy stole the car and drove it backwards in a police chase xoxo

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