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The Nightmare Roadtrip

Hey guys!

A few weeks ago (on my birthday, if we’re being exact) I got an offer from Birmingham University (which just so happens to be my top choice), and this was followed by an invitation to attend an Applicant Visit Day, which I went to today. Today was all fine, but it was getting there that was the problem…

We planned to leave at about 4.30/5pm last night, so we could drop the dogs off at the kennels, and get to our hotel for around 8pm, maybe go out and watch a film. But, this is my family we’re talking about, so it never exactly goes to plan. My sister had an interview at Gloucestershire University today as well, so she was frantically trying to do last minute preparation for her film production portfolio with some media work from school. Now, a lot of people speak well of Macs, which I guess is fair enough- when they actually work. In this case, they decided to say no, and that meant we left school at 6pm, rather than 4pm. And the Kennels shut at 6pm, but my mum somehow convinced the lady to let us drop the dogs off later. Which happened to be an hour later.

So then we continued on our merry way along the M5 for about an hour or so, and stopped to get some food, only to return to find the sliproad to the M5 was blocked, and we had to follow a diversion- which would lead us back the way we had just come.  My mum wasn’t too happy with this, and I can’t actually remember how we found a way around it, but I think we just followed signs to Tiverton… I don’t know. I was sitting in the back seat half asleep, so unfortunately I wasn’t paying too much attention at this point.

Eventually we got back on the M5 once more, and it was all going well, until we were diverted off again, and there was a highway maintenance vehicle on the next slip-road with a couple of guys there with orange cones. The car directly in front of us was the last one to get back on the M5, because one of the guys threw- like, actually lobbed one of the cones to block us off, so we had to go the long way around. Rude, I know. And he wasn’t too helpful either, because he didn’t seem to know where the diversion was going to take us, apart from that we’d come up at the next junction. Anyway, there wasn’t too much we could do (unless we’re talking about causing permanent damage to the orange cones… and quite possibly the maintenance guy) so we just followed the traffic.

I think the third time we were diverted was absolutely pointless. It took us on this weird route that was just really odd, and it was really long, and I definitely fell asleep at some point because it had been a long and stressful day, and it was nearing 10pm… or actually it was around 9pm, but they’re kinda the same thing.

But we finally got to Birmingham, and we found our hotel with relative ease, and I decided that because I was going to be spending the next day on my own, I should probably charge my phone. Only to open my bag and realize that I left my phone charger at home…

-The Storyteller


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