Learning to Drive

Hey guys!

In the UK, you are able to start learning to drive from the age of 17+. It can be quite daunting at first, especially when you have never sat in the drivers seat when it comes to your first lesson with a teacher.

But in general, driving is really fun. I like driving. But there are a lot of difficulties, like when you get your own car. Personally, the change between the car I had been learning in and my very own car was pretty big, and I hated driving my car because it was so different, and I felt like I couldn’t drive, even though I could.

The driving tests aren’t the best thing in the world either. I somehow managed to pass my theory first time round (I only just passed, but it still counts!) and that was great. I hated theory, so getting that out of the way was a bonus.

The practical driving test came around, and I was fairly confident. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, because I know that you tend to be a better driver if you don’t actually pass the first time around, which I didn’t. The annoying thing about it though, was that I failed on one little thing. And that was me not checking my blind spot after my emergency stop. Apart from that, the test was fine. I was asked to do a turn in the road, which was one of the manoeuvres I could actually do.

My next test is booked in for next week, and the only thing I’m worried about now is being asked to do a parallel park…

-The Storyteller


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