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Who Cares?

Hey guys!

Recently I’ve been thinking about how horrible it must be to be someone famous, or who is always in the media for whatever reason. Some of you may have heard about the whole Bruce Jenner thing, and this is what really motivated me to write this post. I personally don’t watch the Kardashian’s, I don’t really care about how much money they have and what they’re doing with their lives. And for the last three days or so, Facebook has been telling me about how the reality TV star is or isn’t transitioning into a woman… Again, I don’t really care, because it hasn’t got anything to do with me.

I suppose that can go for everyone. If there was something in the news about one of my favourite actors, I would care an awful lot more than someone I’m not a fan of. But what is really annoying about the whole thing is how much it can really suck to be a celebrity. Have you noticed how, even in the news with normal people, they use a certain photo to portray the person they’re talking about- if it’s someone who’s committed a murder, they will usually use a photo to portray them badly, like they aren’t smiling, for example. But if it’s a young person who has… I don’t know, run away from home or something, then they’ll use a photo of them looking happy. It’s all about how the audience will feel about it, and not really about how the person in context wants to be shown as.

Similarly there’s the whole thing with The Sun’s page 3 girls. There’s a TV show in the UK called “The Last Leg” and they discussed the topic, and what was interesting was when they showed a clip of a News channel asking builders and plumbers about what they thought about Page 3, and none of them cared. It goes to show what sort of view people have on others, and it’s quite sickening, to be honest. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be asked questions about what I think of a celebrity’s six pack or something, just because I’m a teenage girl. Like…ย what?

But yeah. That’s about it for today! Thanks for reading, and if you have any views on the topic, feel free to comment below!

-The Storyteller


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