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School Photos

Hey guys!

We had our final school photos taken today, which included the individual ones, and the whole Year 13 ones. Now, I don’t know if it’s the same or was the same for your schools, but in my school, we only have photos every other year- so that was Year 7, Year 9 and Year 11, and then a photo for both years of Sixth Form. Oh, we also had a whole school photo two years ago, but they do it so that each person gets to be in it at least once.


The thing about school photos is that it’s always really awkward, especially in Sixth Form, because we’re allowed to wear what we like, so if I take today as an example, you want to look nice. I mean, it’s your last school photo ever, so you want to make a bit of an effort. But if you’re someone like me, who doesn’t really wear make-up all the time, who doesn’t really care if they’re wearing the “latest” style or whatever, you want to try and look nice without bringing too much attention upon yourself.

Then of course, there’s the fact that during the whole year photo, you have to get into height order. A lot of my friends are taller than me, which doesn’t bother me, because I have a lot of friends who are a similar height as well. But it’s the horrible feeling of everyone looking at you when you’re one of the last people to get onto the stage-thingy… I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s like five rows of benches and it probably has a name. But yeah, when all the tall people are all waiting, you’re still on the floor waiting for the guy to tell you where to stand.

And then of course, once everyone is organized into a position, they have the blinding lights that make you see blue dots whenever you blink, and then you get really paranoid that you blinked when they took the photo so you’ll be the only person blinking and everyone will notice… but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t always happen that way.

And finally, the individual photos. The guy tells you to sit on the X on the box and look at the camera. Which you do. And then he tells you to “look this way a bit more”, which you do. And then he says “a little bit more”, which you do, even though it doesn’t feel right. And then he says “just a little bit more…” which you do, but now it starts to feel uncomfortable, and then he goes and says “Okay look this way just a bit more for me…”, which you do, but it’s at the point when you’re in pain, and then he says “okay now smile for me!”, which you try to do, but you know it’s not a real smile because you’re just thinking about how your neck hasn’t broken yet, and the fact that you’ve probably got a double chin and there’s probably a hair out of place…

So with that all taken into account, the effort put into making yourself look nice just seems pointless, when at the end of the day, your chances of actually looking good in a school photo aren’t too great. Let’s face it, that has to be the reason why no one likes having their school photo done.

-The Storyteller


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