January Update

Hey guys!

Remember that thing I did once every few months when I would just update you on the stuff happening in my life? I don’t really know what happened to that, so I decided to start it up again. Just in case I suddenly go off the WordPress Radar and you’re wondering where I’ve got to…

So, this morning was my last mock exam. It was my French oral, and it was okay, except I couldn’t remember some important words like “accountant”- yeah, I know. Why would you need to know the French word for “accountant”? But I was talking about a book, and I was trying to talk about how some of the characters are obsessed with their work, and I couldn’t think of the word for an example and I’m really glad it was just a mock exam, to say the least!

Next week my friend from Cardiff is coming to stay because she has an interview/applicant day at the University of Exeter, so it will be nice to see her again!

Next month is going to be quite busy. On the 4th of February myself and my sister have applicant/interview days at universities. I’m going to Birmingham, and she’s going to Gloucestershire (I think…) so that’s going to be quite crazy. Then in the middle of February we’re going to Bournemouth because she also has an interview at the Arts University, so I’m going to go with her and have a nice little day out in the town while she’s busy. I’ve never been to Bournemouth, (that I can remember anyway) so I think that will be quite fun.

Then on March 13th me, my sister and my friend are going to see Halestorm in Cardiff, which I’m super excited about because it will have been about a year and a half since I last saw them supporting Shinedown and Alter Bridge, but this time they are the main act. Also, their album is coming out in April, so there are going to be loads of new songs and it’s going to be awesome!

And then, of course, I will have my exams in May/June, so that may potentially lead to my death because I’m not ready to sit these exams and the teachers like to remind us how important they are and it’s a little bit stressful, so I’m just going to try and not think about it at the moment.

I think that’s pretty much it for now, but obviously I will keep you updated as the month goes on, and I’ll probably blog about all the things mentioned above as they happen anyway.

-The Storyteller


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