Is it Just Me?

Hey guys!

So, we all know what an embarrassment to humanity I can be. No? You didn’t know that? Well, you should really be keeping up mate, seriously. There’s too much to go into at the moment, so just go along with it, okay? Okay!

Now, we all have those little moments- you know the ones I mean? The ones when you’ve just done something, and you’re like ‘did that really just happen?’ or ‘did I actually just do that?’ or ‘hold on a minute… everyone’s looking at me… crap, I’ve done something again, haven’t I?’

Yeah. Those little moments that life likes to spring on us every now and then. So I thought I’d share with you some embarrassing moments from my life, which are hopefully fairly relateable. Maybe you can share your moments in the comments. So… here goes nothing!

  1. I somehow manage to get caught acting stupid around people who I really don’t want to see me acting stupid- like, if I’m just dancing in the Sixth Form Centre and then my GCSE chemistry teacher walks in and sees me in the act and there’s no way out… Hmm.
  2. So we had an annual Sixth Form Christmas Quiz, and our team was pretty much divided- half of us were sitting around the table writing and discussing answers, and the other half were sitting on the sofa. (guess which half I was in… no, unfortunately I didn’t get the sofa…) We had to guess the celebrity, and one was obviously Ant from Ant and Dec, but none of us could remember his surname, (To which I said “NO! It’s a trick question! He doesn’t have a surname, he’s just Ant from Ant and Dec! which some people found funny) so we just left it as Ant… and then we got the answers back, and it was marked wrong. So one of the people on the sofa-half of the team was all like “Uhhh I said that but no one listens to me!” And to be fair, I don’t think anyone should ever listen to him, I mean he’s annoying. You know… annoying. So I was all like “Hey, well come and take part rather than sitting there complaining about it!” Wooo, well done Janet, yeaaaahh! was the response I was hoping for. Instead, someone else was all like “Woah what’re you doing gaawwwd…” Yeah. So that was fun…
  3. I’ve talked about that time when I embarrassed myself at work, when I thought I was allowed to go on my break 10 minutes after I arrived, which I thought was weird, but I don’t want to put myself through that again, so if you want to know, then you can go look for a post called “I’M SO AWKWARD”. Because it’s true.
  4. During my GCSE’s, I was very nearly late for my Geography exam (which I got an A in… no biggie…) because my friend wanted to do some last minute revision in the library, and I was all like “Hey. let’s go, we’re gonna be late!” and they were all like “Okay, two more seconds…”. And eventually I just went and they followed close behind, and the scary invigilator lady was already reading out the instructions about how you’ll get disqualified if you bring in your phone, or try to cheat. I know her outside of school, and every part of the year that doesn’t include exams, she is lovely. But because my surname begins with a B, I had to do the walk of shame to the front of the hall, and I couldn’t make eye contact with her. But I’m pretty sure she would have shot lazers out of her eyes at me if she could.
  5. And of course, there is always that one time, when you put your hand up to the question that you’re sure you know the answer to, and the teacher picks the person behind you, but you don’t realize so you go on with your answer, and everyone looks at you like “what… is she doing…?”
  6. Similarly, there’s the time when you’re sitting at the back of your GCSE Geography class, and there’s a trainee teacher that no one really likes, and you just want to stretch your arms, but she thinks you want to answer the question, but you don’t know the answer so you’re just like “Oh no, I was just stretching”. Yes! Off the hook!
    “Okay, well I want you to answer the question please”
    Right, think… what was she saying..? Umm….
    Somehow I managed to come up with an amazing (it probably wasn’t amazing) answer, but she didn’t look too impressed….
  7. When I was in Year 7, I was making my way over to English after morning registration, and all I could see were people sitting in there, to which I instantly assumed I was late. (We’d been let out a bit late anyway) So I walked in, saying “Sorry I’m late miss!” as I walked to my chair, and then I realized that my brother’s friend, who’s in the year above me, was sitting in my chair. So I stopped, looked around, saw everyone was staring at me, and ran out again. It was so embarrassing, I nearly cried. But that was little eleven-year-old-me for you. (I used to cry in maths, but shhhh!)
  8. When I’m working somewhere, I always find it okay when I see people that I know, but when it’s the other way around, I always feel really awkward and want to avoid the situation at all costs. Even if it means walking in and walking back out again. (Unless it’s someone I know really well, then that’s fine!)

I think that’s about all I can manage for now. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did then give it a like, or comment if you’ve been in any situations that you’d rather not talk about… It’s actually somewhat relieving!

-The Storyteller


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