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The Truth about Media Studies!

Hey guys!

I’ve ranted a little about this subject in the past, about how people just “assume” media is not an “academic subject”. Like maths or science, for example. These tend to be people who don’t actually study it, and believe that you don’t need to study TV shows and movies and music to understand them.


I love media studies. For me, it’s my slightly more relaxed subjects, which I suppose could fit into the argument above. However, There is an awful lot more work that has to be put into it. I mean, I’m doing an A-level in the subject, so I have to organize my time between location scouting, filming, photographing, directing, editing, re-filming, editing, syncing the video clips to the sound clips… It’s not as easy as it may seem, and it doesn’t end there.

We also have to do loads of theory work, which yes, does involve watching TV and films- we’re studying Postmodernism this year, so we get to watch The Mighty Boosh, and Scott Pilgrim vs The World– one of my favourite films. But you don’t just write about what you see. In a way, I think I’m lucky that I study English Literature and Media, because there is so much that links between them, such as binary opposition in films or books, intertextualilty in films or books, modernist and postmodernist texts. The list goes on.

So when people say that media isn’t a “proper subject”, I really would like to object. There are so many similarities between Media and English- it maybe different in some places than others, but for me, it’s not. So I always wonder why people think it’s such a “soft” subject. To get a good grade, like any subject, you have to put a lot of effort into it. I mean, for our coursework we have to make a bloomin’ music video. And people will watch it. And it has to be good, because the examiner won’t give you marks for the lyrics being out of sync, or the narrative not making sense, or the camera being too wobbly. Again, the list goes on.

And also, where would we be without media and film studies? Many successful people wouldn’t be in the world without media studies- my sister wants to go and do film production at university, and who knows- maybe one day she’ll be nominated for an Oscar for best director? And how did she get there? Through media studies.


-The Storyteller


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