Hey guys!

January is the month of birthdays for me and my friends. There’s my twin sister and I on the 8th of January, my uncle’s birthday is on the 13th of January, on the 14th is my friend’s sister’s birthday, the 15th is my other friend’s birthday, then the 16th is my other friend’s birthday. On the 20th is my cousin’s birthday…. and I think that’s about all I can remember for now. (Sorry if I missed anyone out!)

But whether I’ve forgotten anyone or not, the point is that there are a lot of birthdays this month, which means a lot of present-giving. And if you’re a busy soul like me, and you don’t have loads of time to go out and buy a present, then you’re just going to have to look online, aren’t you?

A few months ago I came across, which has basically saved my life. I love it so much, because you can get personalized gifts for people- be friends, brothers, sisters, parents etc. etc…. And if you’re looking for something quirky, then you’re going to find it there. For one of my sister, I got her a personalized book, called “The Book of Everyone”, but you can change the name to theirs, add their date of birth, their favourite tv shows, quotes they live by… and what’s so great about it is that you are the author! Your name actually comes up on the side of the book and it’s really cool.

For my friend whose birthday party is today, I got her a Lord of The Rings necklace, that comes with a map of Middle Earth and the quote “Not all those who wonder are lost”, printed on a little postcard. Plus, it came wrapped in brown paper and red string so that saves me time!

Now, the only problem I have with is the same problem I have with a lot of online shopping websites- the time it takes for the item to arrive. I know that when it does come it will be a relief, but it’s just the waiting that sometimes gets on my nerves, and when your friend keeps asking questions about why you didn’t give them a present on their birthday, it can just sound like an excuse when you’re honestly saying “IT HASN’T ARRIVED YET!”

Aside from that, I do recommend you visit Even if there aren’t any birthdays coming up, just look around and see what’s there.

Yay, shopping! 

-The Storyteller


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