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The Travel Journal

Hey guys!

So, for my birthday, my friend got me a travel journal. I didn’t actually realize it was a travel journal until I properly looked at it and saw on the label that it said “Travel Journal”. My bad…


I really like it. And it smells really nice. But that’s not the point. I really want to take it with me when I go on my next big adventure, but the only thing I’m worried about is using up all the spaces. Inside it looks a bit like this:

10917711_687084248079505_1081087236_n 10934234_687084201412843_141148316_n

Which is great. I can use the notebook pages to plan out my day, or how much money I should spend, and then I can use the pockets for any important things like train tickets, for example. I think it’s such a great idea, and I’ve always wanted a travel journal, but all the one’s I’ve looked at were expensive, or they weren’t quite right, or it was too bulky or it was too small… but this one was just right. (Sorry to sound like Goldilocks)

ย I’m really looking forward to using this because I want to go and travel on my own at some point in the near future, even if that’s just going on a little trip across Europe. I’ve never been travelling completely on my own before, or just with some friends so the experience, I’m sure, will be amazing. And hey, when I go to Peru one day, I’ll be sure to take this bad boy with me!

Anyway, I should really start revising for my mock exams next week. I can’t really go gallivanting across the continent without any decent grades, now can I? (Well, maybe I can but let’s leave that for another time!)

-The Storyteller


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