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Review on… The Theory of Everything

Hey guys!

Yesterday we went to see the mighty “Theory of Everything”, which was just amaaaazing. If you didn’t know already, it’s about the story of Stephen Hawking and his first wife, Jane, played by Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

The movie as a whole was just brilliant, and makes me proud of being British. The story, the music, the cinematography, the casting… everything contributed to make an outstanding film. There are a few things I’d have to pick at, however. I don’t know if it was just the way that this interpretation was written, but *SPOILER ALERT*, I found that when Jane meets Johnathan, I thought it was quite predictable that they were going to get together at the end. There were parts that made me think otherwise, that Jane and Stephen would make it through their rough spot, but no. I mean, I don’t know all about Hawking’s personal life, and I’m in no way a scientist, so I didn’t really know all that was going to happen (which, I guess, is one of the reasons why one goes to the cinema…).

Okay, I swear I won’t do any more spoilers. Honest.

But yeah. I thought that the performances, not only by the protagonists, but all of the characters was amazing. I mean, I’m not a cryer when it comes to film, and this film wasn’t much different. I didn’t find it sad enough for me to cry, but my sister and my friend apparently cried about ten times, so if you’re an emotional wreck, and don’t feel like crying in the cinema, then maybe this isn’t for you. (Thankfully I didn’t hear them crying at any point, so I wasn’t disturbed…)


I really do recommend this film though. Like, seriously. Yes, there are things which I didn’t find perfect, but what is perfect? I actually liked that it wasn’t the definition of perfection, because it taught me that life isn’t- and doesn’t need to be- perfect. The Theory of Everything is funny, emotional, clever… everything you could want for in a drama- a British drama.

-The Storyteller


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