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Highlights of 2014

Hey guys!

And so, here is my final post of the year 2014. It’s been a good one.

Back in March, our school had its annual Sixth Form Variety Showcase, and my friend and I decided to lead a group of people to do the Time Warp, from Rocky Horror. This was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and to work with a group of friends who were really enthusiastic was so funny, and amazing, and it wouldn’t be the same without them. February and March was when we went on a school trip to Rome, which was one of the best experiences of my life, because the teachers who led it were amazing, and we got lost at least once a day, but it was so worth it. And being able to have Italian pizza and pasta and gelato as your diet everyday was great at the time, but once I got home, I couldn’t even think about it for another week!

I also went to see The Eagles at the London O2 arena, back in June I think, and although we were seated quite far back, it was still an amazing show. We mainly went to see it for my brother, who is a massive fan, and again, I was surprised at how much I actually liked them and their music.

In July I went to Paris on a school trip, to help the teachers… because I’m doing A-level French, they normally allow some students to come with them as part of “Work Experience”, but I really wanted to go because I went on the same trip when I was in Year 9 (when I was 14) and I wanted to go to all the theme parks again- Both Disneyland and Parc Asterix.

In August we got our AS results, and in general I was really happy with my results. In case you didn’t know, I got A in media, B in English, C in French, and a D in Drama, which was the only grade I was really upset about, but let’s not go into that right now. The grade I wasn’t expecting to get was the C in French, because I felt that I’d completely messed up my speaking exam, and that I was going to get an E or something, but when I opened the envelope and saw that C I was over the moon.

August was also when I went to Amsterdam with my mum and my sister, which was so fun because we hadn’t planned a single thing, and everyday was just based on spontaneous decisions whilst on the ferry over to the main city. We went to places like the Hard Rock Cafe, numerous art galleries, boat tours… we were thinking about going to Anne Frank’s house, but the queue was so long that we just decided to take a photo outside next to the sign, and then went to a little cafe next door.

The final thing we did in August was going to a family friend’s 50th celebration, called “50fest”. This was a festival with live music from people like The Hoosiers, who I got to meet and it was the best thing ever, and we also saw Foxes performing. They were both amazing, and it was such a brilliant weekend.

Me meeting Irwin Sparkes, lead singer of The Hoosiers 🙂

In October we went to Ireland, mainly because I wanted to look at Belfast University, so we decided to make a trip out of it. We spent a couple of days in Belfast, visiting not only the university but also the Giant’s Causeway. Then we drove down to Dublin, and spent the rest of the week there. We also caught up with one of my mum’s old friends who lives in Cork, and then all of a sudden it was time to go back home.

This year has also been one of the most stressful so far. With UCAS applications over the last few months, and worries about your personal statement being good enough, it can lead some people to tears. But I’ve already managed to receive two offers from two of the universities- Belfast and Kent- so now I’m just hoping that the rest will follow soon!

And now I’m going to go back only one month ago, so lets rewind to November. November was the month in which I went to my second gig of the year, which was Kasabian. I was worried at first because I felt like I didn’t know enough of their music, but I was happily surprised. We also got to the barrier, and I almost touched Serge’s hand, but missed by a few centimetres…

We can’t forget that this was also the year that I hit 300 posts on my blog, which I wrote about only a few days ago, so you can probably find that in the search bar. Blogwise, I also gained a few more followers, which is always a great thing to have because you know that your posts aren’t just being ignored.

The only thing I wish I’d done more of this year was:

  1. Seeing more films
  2. Going to more gigs
  3. Going to Asylum 13

Asylum 13 was a Supernatural Convention, held in Birmingham in October over a weekend. I couldn’t go, because I didn’t get tickets, and also because I went to an open day for Birmingham University on that weekend. My sister and friends went, and said how amazing it was, so I might go at some point in the near future. They have Asylum conventions at least once a year, but my sister is more of a Supernatural geek than I am, so you’d probably be better off asking her!

And so, my highlights of the year is complete. I can’t really talk about going to Finland because we haven’t actually left yet, but be sure to keep your ears and eyes peeled in the New Year, because I will be back and ready for action!

-The Storyteller


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