Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Nails

Hey guys! I guess this is my second-to-last, my penultimate blogmas post! Over the course of the last month, I have gained a few more followers, which is always lovely, so thank you. I appreciate every single one of you who has taken time out of your day to read my thoughts and ramblings on life, and in return, I will always check out your own blogs. I love painting my nails, at any time of the year, and Christmas should be no different. A few months ago I had over 60 bottles of nail vanish, but I had to make the decision of only keeping the ones I actually use, so that number has reduced significantly. However, I still have a lot to choose from, so it’s okay! I’ve decided to go for the really typical red and green, as it’s Christmas, but it really does look festive.

The camera’s not doing me any favours…
Yeah, that'll do...
Seriously, I think I need to get a better phone that can actually take good photos…

As you can see, very red and very green. What you may not be able to see, thanks to the poor quality of my phone, are the sparkles. I try to avoid using sparkly nail vanish, or sparkly top coats because when it comes to taking it off, it is literally hell. The colour comes off, but you’re just left trying to scrub off the sparkles and it just doesn’t work very well. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be fabulous because I have so many sparkly nail vanishes that just sit there for ages so… yeah!

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas Eve, and I shall speak to you all tomorrow!

-The Storyteller


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