Blogmas Day 20: Traditions

Hey guys!

I think, once upon a time, many years ago, I wrote a post about Traditions, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t about Christmas traditions.

In our family, we have a Christmas Shopping tradition, where we have an hour or two in Exeter to literally run around with £10 per person, to buy them things and then we meet up at Waterstones to have a coffee in the shop upstairs. This works really well for a family like mine, because timing is always an issue. If we were left to do everything on our own, I reckon not everyone would get a Christmas present on time, so by doing this, we know that it’s done.

We also have a tradition where we open one present on Christmas Eve from under the tree, and we leave the rest until the morning. Apart from last year, because my extended family came over for brunch, so we got to open all of our presents on Christmas Eve, but that’s because my mum didn’t want us opening all these presents in front of everyone else who would be getting one each…

I suppose travelling could be included in the “traditions” category. We’ve been to so many places over Christmas, including America, Spain, France, Iceland, and we’re going to Finland this Boxing Day. And as nice as it is to go travelling to all of these wonderful places, it’s also nice to just stay at home every now and then. Last year we stayed here, and it was just nice to not have some sort of manic rush around one country for two weeks (our trip to the Basque Country in 2011… but I’ll tell you that another time).

What sort of traditions do you have? Do you consider the things you do at Christmas to be a tradition or just something that you do? I’d love to know!

-The Storyteller


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