Blogmas Day 15: Dear Santa…

Hey guys!


It’s getting to that time of December where people are going crazy for Christmas shopping. In our house, we always manage to do it fairly late compared to everyone else.

I’ve already got my sister a present a few months ago, but that’s because it was one of those things where I was pretty sure I wouldn’t see again if I didn’t buy it. But apart from that, I haven’t got any presents yet.

We have a bit of a tradition, where we go into Exeter for an hour, maybe two, with ยฃ10 to spend on each member of the family, and then we meet back at Waterstone’s and that’s our Christmas shopping done.

Last year, I got this really nice pair of Blowfish boots, and I’ve worn them almost everyday this year (except for when it’s too hot to wear proper shoes), because they’re the most comfortable shoes, and they’re so easy to put on. Plus, they’re dark brown, so I can wear them without the fear of them getting too messed up in the wet winter countryside terrain. But after less than a whole year of owning these beauties, they know look like… this…

10867058_666578923463371_1709447757_n 10867116_666578690130061_1571681563_n

Okay, I know the quality isn’t that great, so for those of you who haven’t noticed, the shoe on the left has a massive hole all the way around the front… it’s not great, especially at this time of year when it’s a bit wet, and my big toe gets soaked in the two minute walk it takes me to get to school. So, this year, Santa, I wouldn’t mind getting a new pair of these lovely shoes. By the way, I have told my mum that I will super-glue them back together, but she keeps saying “No! Why would you do that? I’ll take them to be fixed!” except she hasn’t yet. Maybe that means she might get me a new pair fro Christmas? Who knows…

-The Storyteller


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