Blogmas Day 11: Girly Colours?

Hey guys!

I was working the other day at the pool, and there were swimming lessons going on, and I noticed something…

You know how blue and green and red is for boys, and pink and purple is for girls? Yeah.

But if you saw a girl wearing a blue swimming costume, you probably wouldn’t think much of it. I mean, they’d probably have a bit of pink on it somewhere. But if you saw a boy wearing a pink or purple swimming costume, that would be weird. Or would it? I saw a costume for boys which was mostly black and green, but looking closely, I saw that it had tropical flowers on it- one of which had pink petals. But obviously those weren’t the ones that stood out, because what would people say if they saw pink on a boy’s swimming costume?

This whole thing is completely bizarre. A lot of people have a go at girls for wearing skimpy outfits, but it doesn’t matter what the colour is. It’s similar for men, but if you see a man wearing pink, it immediately emasculates him because it’s a “girl’s colour”. Here’s a fun fact, back in the day, blue was for girls and pink was for boys, so how about that?

By the way, I know these last few posts aren’t Christmassy, or winter related but I think this is important to discuss. We’re at a point where the colour of your t-shirt shouldn’t have to define who you are as a person. If I was a man I would want to wear whatever colours I wanted to. Why? Because I don’t really care what other people think. (And because I’m fabulous, darling.)

But seriously though, what do you think? Leave comments and stuff if you like.
See you tomorrow!

-The Storyteller


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