Blogmas Day 7: Rufus

Hey guys!

One whole week of Blogmas down, only a few more weeks to go!

I feel like I’ve managed to miss out a big part of my life recently, which is the fact that we’ve got a new puppy. Well. I say “new”, but we’ve had him for a couple of months already so….

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Rufus.


He is a Welsh Terrier, just like our nine-year-old Welsh Terrier, Osian (Pronounced Osh-an). Rufus and Osian are incredibly different. Osian is sensible, quiet, and very cute, whereas Rufus is loud, energetic, and also cute. He has his puppy cuteness and his puppy eyes, but when he manages to steal a jacket potato, and somehow smashes a bottle of cider on the kitchen floor, those features don’t really work on me. He is such a handful. And I have a feeling he may be a little bit of a drunk…

But yeah. That is the introduction of Rufus, and I’m sure you’ll probably be hearing more about his adventures in the near future. Unless he kills me first. But I doubt it.

-The Storyteller


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