Blogmas Day 6: My Lush Addiction

Hey guys!

I’m afraid I have something very serious to tell you all. I have an addiction. I just can’t help myself you know? I mean, there was this one time when I came home with three packets full… And I just… I need to tell someone.

I have an addiction to Lush.



Yes. I never used to be such a massive fan of the shop, because the smell was always so overpowering for me but recently, I just can’t get enough of it. And it makes an amazing gift for birthdays, or Christmas, or anything really.

The last time I got something from Lush was for my friend’s 18th birthday. I got her three bubble bars: sparkly pumpkin (because I was clever and I got it before Halloween), Brightside, and Pop in the Bath. For anyone who knows nothing about Lush, these aren’t just random names. Theses aren’t just random bath bombs, oh no! 

Lush is basically heaven. Most of the products are perfect for gifts because they’re not too expensive, and everyone loves a good old bath ever now and then. Even me. I first got into the Lush products about six months ago after my practice expidition for my silver Duke of Edinburgh award, and my legs were absolutely killing me, and all I wanted was a bath. My friend had gotten me two bath bombs from Lush last Christmas as part of our Secret Santa, and I just hadn’t used them because I’m not really a “bath” person. But Oh-My-GOD my views on baths changed after that moment.


I used the next one a couple of weeks later when I finished my actual expedition, and it was lovely because we’d spend a weekend in Dartmoor, for three days, and on the second day, the weather decided it was a good time to just drench us all to the core. It was horrible. And obviously, it had to be me who wasn’t fully prepared, as I didn’t have some sort of bag for all the things already inside my bag. That meant everything was drenched. So I wasn’t exactly in the best of moods when I got home, so a Lush bath made everything better.

So yeah. I probably could have written about Lush when I wrote about presents, but I feel that it is important enough to have it’s own blog post, so you can thank me anytime, Lush. Anytime.

-The Storyteller


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