Blogmas Day 5: The Den

Hey guys.

One of the things I associate most with Christmas is the idea of curling up into a cozy space when it’s absolutely freezing outside. You’ve got the heating on, and if you’re one of those lucky people who has a fireplace, then you’ve got that burning.

You have your own den.

A place to get away from the stress of upcoming mock exams, actual exams, results day, finding out if you got accepted into University…

My den looks something a little bit like this:




Yes. My den is my bedroom. But I’m proud of it. Is that a weird thing to be proud of? I mean, it is just a bedroom at the end of the day, but the reason I chose those pictures in particular is because this time next year, I’ll be at university.


If all goes well.

And these walls of stuff will hopefully come with me, and I’ll remember the little den I had in my little town in Devon. I know I’ll be home for Christmas next year, but I’ll have to settle into my new den.

I also want to spend a year abroad when I’m studying, so I’m going to have to find another den.

Then when I come back I’m going to have to move into a house, and the whole process will start again.

But I know that my den will always be the one I have now. It just feels right, and homely. It’s so full of memories of going to gigs, shows, backstage passes at the National Theatre, volunteering at Animated Exeter, going to Paris on two school trips and screaming our heads off going down the rollercoaster…

All these memories are things that I may be able to do again, but they’ll never be exactly the same.

-The Storyteller


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