Blogmas Day 2: Secret Santa

Hey guys!

For the past five years, my group of friends and I have done a Secret Santa. I really enjoy it because

  1. It’s fun
  2. We all get a present from someone
  3. It’s not expensive

We give ourselves a price limit, I think somewhere between £5 and £10, and we have about two or three weeks to get something. What I love most about the idea is that it is secret.

However, every year that we’ve done it, at least two people always tell each other who they have, which puts me off the whole thing. I don’t mind everyone telling each other in the present-giving-ceremony (yes, that exists, okay?) but it just spoils the mood when you have those people who have been playing “Guess Who” for the entirety of the Secret Santa process, so at the end, they’re like “Yeah, I knew you had her all along”.

Does anyone else get frustrated by this?

Does anyone else do Secret Santa properly anymore?

I think it’s great, because that way, especially when you do it with a close group of friends, you don’t have to buy a Christmas present for everyone, but no one feels left out. And you don’t end up in a massive amount of debt.

-The Storyteller


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