Blogmas Day 1

Hey guys!

I have decided that it would be a good idea, not only for me, but for you readers, to blog everyday leading up to Christmas. The reason, is because I feel that I haven’t been blogging as much as I could, and should be. Therefore, we are beginning the month of blogmas!

(I know this isn’t a new and sparkly thing, but I’m just going to try it out, okay?)

I don’t really know what I’m going to write about for the next 24 days, but I just want to keep you posted and make you aware that I’m not just abandoning my blog or something. I’d never do that. My blog is my life, and I’m not just saying that to sound cliche, or whatever. It is literally my life. If I ever had to write an autobiography starting from the age of fourteen, I’d just refer to my blog. Hell, I’d even publish my blog, because everything I’ve ever written has had some impact on who I am now.

I do love my blog, and there’s nothing I’d ever change about it- except for the fact that I changed the name of it almost a year ago, but the content is still the same.

In other, Christmassy related news, I almost forgot that I had an advent calendar this year. I woke up at 5:30am and my first thought was CHOCOLATE and then when I arrived at swimming, one of my friends asked if I’d opened my advent calender. And I forgot to open my advent calender. And I was really annoyed at myself. But then it was something to look forward to when I got home, so it wasn’t all bad really.

I literally don’t know what to write, and I’m starting to wonder whether this was a good idea or not because the majority of these posts are probably going to be like this one, and it’ll just be me rambling on until it looks like I’ve got a sufficient amount of words to publish this onto my blog…

So yeah. That is basically Blogmas Day 1 over and done with, I just thought a little introduction would be good enough, and we’ll see what tomorrow brings, eh?

-The Storyteller


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