A Fangirl’s Life For Me

Hey guys!

I didn’t choose the fangirl life
The fangirl life chose me

I’m sure we all know the term “fangirl”, and I definitely consider myself to be one. But I think we all are, in our own weird and wonderful ways. I remember talking to my sister about Fangirls, and she said that she doesn’t like the way that it’s often used in a negative way, which I completely understand, but we need to realize that fangirling isn’t just about freaking out over a celebrity.

I recently started reading the final installment of the Time Riders series, by Alex Scarrow (and I recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of sci-fi) and I fangirled when it was released, I fangirled when I ordered it, and I fangirled when it arrived. Being a fangirl basically means that you will get very excited about something because of how much you love it. It’s like with any movie or TV show- you will fangirl about it no matter who you are AND you don’t even have to be a 14 year old girl! WHAA?

The point of this short post, is that I enjoy being excited about new things, especially if it’s something that’s part of a series because you’ve been with it for so long and it’s just amazing. And you can’t deny that you’ve never fangirled. Not even a little bit. 

-The Storyteller


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