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Hey, guys!

I think if I should be awarded anything, it should be procrastinator of the year, because it takes me bloomin ages to get things done… especially if they happen to be boring, yet important.

If you want to get shit done
you have to get shit done.
– Troye Sivan

I think the above quote is very true. There is no other way to stop procrastinating, than to stop procrastinating, because once you get started, it will get easier. And it doesn’t matter what it is that needs to be done. It could be that you have writer’s block, and you have been avoiding writing for weeks because you’re scared of the outcome- but the only way to get around this is to just write anything. It doesn’t have to be relevant to what it is you want to write about, it can just be anything at all. Go on a rant about that person who you don’t really like that much, or talk about what you had for breakfast, or who would play you in a movie…

I often find the hardest thing to start writing is essays. I always hate the introduction, but from the first paragraph onwards, the words just flow.

I know this isn’t just about writing- it can be fitness. Again, the start is normally the hardest bit, but it gets easier once you get into a routine. I still find with swimming, all these years later, I still get tired after the warm up, which is only 15 minutes long. And it’s really easy to give up, but once you’ve accomplished it, you will feel a million times better.

Trust me.

-The Storyteller



  1. Ah, so true! Especially that you feel better after doing the thing you are procrastinating doing. Now I am going to get something done!

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