Review on… Frantic Assembly

Hey guys!

Today I want to write about a theatre company called Frantic Assembly. Through school trips, I’ve been lucky enough to see them on a number of occasions over the last four years, and if you’re an avid theatre-goer, like myself, then I strongly recommend you see them perform.

Last year we went to see them perform a show called “The Believers”, which was honestly, one of the best shows I have ever seen- and I’ve seen a lot. It’s about two families, who recollect the happenings of a strange night together, and how something unthinkable happens. With different versions of events causing conflict between loved ones and friendships, each perspective leads to jealousy and suspicion, they turn on each other in a desperate fight to understand the truth.

This show is unbelievably clever. It messes with your head, it makes you think, you don’t know who’s telling the truth… it’s hard as a member of the audience to pick a favourite because everyone’s story has an element of honesty in it. What’s more, is the use of the stage and the props. Having fairly limited lighting and colour, the set created an eerie feel to it, and created shadows which again messed with your head a bit. They also had these boards at an angle, which were used as bedrooms… I don’t really know how to explain it but they were sort of hanging from the ceiling, and the actors had these bungee cords so that the boards were like the floor and it looked really really cool.


The second show I’m going to talk about is their version on Shakespeare’s “Othello”. It was similar to Baz Luhrmann’s take on “Romeo and Juliet” as it was set in the modern day, but they used the same Shakespearean language as in the play. We are studying “Othello” in English, and it was so interesting to see how they used the set of a bar/club. I know it sounds bad, but my favourite part was definitely the ending- not because it was over, but because I had a feeling it might end that way, and then it did and I was like aagh…

*This isn’t really the best review I’ve written. It’s one of those where I can’t think of the words so bare with me!*

Out of all the shows I’ve seen by Frantic Assembly, I think these two are definitely my favourites. I love thrillers in general, and although “Othello” is a tragedy, they really made the final scenes really intense, and I barely noticed the time going by.

So if you do get the chance to see Frantic Assembly at some point, I strongly suggest that you do because it will be something you won’t regret. They’re so creative and dynamic and awesome and amazing and they’re one of those groups who really make you think about what you’re watching.

-The Storyteller


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