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The Future…

Hey guys!

I know I haven’t been really good at writing recently, but because I’ve been IN MY FINAL YEAR at school so the workload has been pretty hectic.

I know I’ve written a lot about the topic of University in the last few months, because this post is effectively about my life and that’s what I’m going through at the moment, and I think the whole idea is really interesting and exciting. My brother has just started University, studying Music in Plymouth, and because of the type of person he is, he hasn’t exactly told us much about what he’s doing. This makes me more curious and fascinated about the idea of being (almost) completely independent and living a life in debt…

As you all know by now, my Uni dream is to study English and Drama as a joint honour, and this year really has been a roller-coaster ride- first with my results, but also finding out that English and Drama isn’t offered as a combination at some of the Universities I was interested in going to. Now, that hasn’t put me off. Going to Open Days is probably one of the best ways to get a feel for the place, and for some people, leaving home at 18 may be a bit too soon and you just don’t feel ready.

I don’t really want to give a lecture (mind the pun) about the pros and cons of University and the future, but when it comes to dreams and reality, I am definitely a dreamer. I often find myself imagining what it’d be like in ten years time and I suppose that makes me quite ambitious. I dream up some idealistic world for myself which is probably really quite unlikely, and that’s what I want to do. I don’t think having an ambition is a bad thing, but it just means that it’s sometimes harder to achieve- depending on what you want, of course. Like, you may just want to have your own house, have a family, have a really nice car. Or it could be fairly extreme like buying a mansion by the time you’re twenty-two and marrying your celebrity crush…

This whole experience with my brother going to Uni, and my school constantly going on about UCAS forms and deadlines and other options if Uni’s not for you has really made me think hard about what I want to do with my future, and more importantly, it’s making me excited about growing up.

I’ll probably find myself regretting those words in a few years time, but let’s just go with it for now.

-The Storyteller


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