Making the Right Choice

Hey guys.

I’m going to be really honest with you here, and just say that today has been pretty crap. It was one of those days that just went in a downhill spiral and I could never be more relieved to just come home.

My problems may not be something you want to read, and it’s not everyday that I complain about my life on my blog, but I just have to get this off my chest before it gets to my head… you know what I mean? Basically, some of these things may seem trivial, or unimportant because it’s “just what other people think” which I completely agree with, but in this case it’s how it was said and who said it.

Firstly, my swimming club is doing an Aquathalon this year, for the third year running. I did it last year, and because of the time of year and the cut grass, I had this horrible hayfever/asthmatic attack thing which would put any normal person off doing it, right? So I told this to a couple of my friends this morning and they had a big go at me about how “it was a year ago” “take a hayfever tablet” “go in a lower age category”. What really annoyed me about this is that it was coming from people who didn’t understand how I felt last year. I couldn’t breathe. It’s fair enough that there are obstacles you have to get over, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to go through that again, and I don’t want people telling me that my choice is the wrong one.

Secondly, and finally, I had triple drama today, which was totally fine except for the fact that I’ve come up with the ultimate decision of dropping it. If you don’t do A-levels, for whatever reason, I will briefly explain that in the first year you can take four subjects, and in the second year it’s advised that you drop one. Because of my exam results, I had to make the incredibly difficult choice to drop one of my favourite subjects, but I hope to pick it up at University (which is fine, because I only really need English Literature).
A few people in my class already new I was dropping drama, and the topic was brought up, and one of my friends bellowed across the room “Oh Janet’s dropping drama!” as if I had gone and said to her “You know what, I think I’m incapable of telling everyone this news. You do it for me.”
This lead to two of my other friends, who were sitting on either side of me to say, in a jokey manner, things like “oh well why are you still here? I’m not talking to you anymore, you’re a traitor” etc. etc. etc.

It’s a known fact that making the right choice isn’t always the easiest. I immediately felt outcasted from the entire class, as everyone had been put into their groups for the final group performance and I just had to sit there for ages watching them go on without me. And I couldn’t just leave because I hadn’t filled in the form to say I’d officially dropped drama.

I don’t know if you could tell, but I’m still not over it. But I hope your day was better than mine.

-The Storyteller


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