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Review on… Doctor Who

Hey guys!

I know this post is a bit delayed, because the new series of Doctor Who started this weekend, while I was out festivalling. (No, not a Reading and Leeds… read my last post, it will make your life so much easier)

Now, lets get one thing straight: I happen to be a fan of Matt Smith, and I love his Doctor not quite as much as David Tennant’s Doctor, but that doesn’t mean Smith did a bad job. I think taking over the role of a character as popular, and complicated as the Doctor would be a hard task for anyone, and after watching Peter Capaldi’s debut as the Doctor, I am in high hopes.

To avoid any spoilers, please skip to the next paragraph.

However, I do have some criticisms about the episode “Deep Breath”. Firstly, what was the point in having a Dinosaur rampaging around Victorian London? It wouldn’t have made any difference to the episode whether it was in there or not, so can someone please tell me what was going through Moffat’s head this time, when he thought adding a T-Rex would be a good idea? Maybe it was something funny for the kids, to see the beast coughing up the TARDIS in the Thames. But for me, I thought it was pointless.
The story line did improve, so all is not lost! I actually thought the relationship between Clara and The Doctor was so much better now that he’s regenerated into a slightly older Capaldi. With Smith, as much as I loved his floppy hair and cheeky grin, there was just too much flirting to deal with every Saturday night, and I was surprised to see this topic brought up in the episode. It wasn’t surprising in a bad way, it was just unexpected. I thought it was a good thing, because Clara is one of those companions who is a bit like Marmite. Except, I don’t know if I like her or not. No one can ever beat Rose and Donna (and Rory, if we’re adding a third) but in this week’s episode, Clara was actually… good. I like her more than Amy, mind. I did get annoyed with Clara though, at the beginning when she was complaining about the Doctor’s age, and wanting the young Doctor again, and even having thoughts about leaving him in the first episode. Slightly ageist, but okay.
Now my final spoiler is the bit with Matt Smith calling Clara at the end. Not as Matt Smith, but as his Doctor… you probably gathered that. Anyway, I don’t really know what I thought of that. Again, it felt like it was just placed there to fill in the gaps, but at the same time it was nice to see him one last time (for fangirls like me). The fact that it was him who called her to convince her to stay was a bit… meh. I don’t know.

Finally I’d like to talk about the mighty Scotsman that is Peter Capaldi. Since finding out that he would be the next Doctor, I have to say, as sad as I was about Smith leaving the show, I was really excited that he was being replaced by such a fine specimen. There were complaints about his age and how he is “too old” to be the Doctor. But to be honest, the Doctor is a couple of thousand years old, so really, no one is “too old” to play the Doctor. I’m really looking forward to what he has to offer, and I really hope Moffat doesn’t go with a script so complicated that even I can’t keep up with it. He’s a brilliant writer, don’t get me wrong, I mean look at the success of Sherlock! But I just got the feeling during Smith’s legacy as the Doctor, that Moffat sometimes got a bit carried away, and he’s probably the only one who knows what he’s talking about. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I’d like the next installment of Doctor Who to be less complicated… not too simple, obviously, because when in history has Doctor Who ever been simple? But I’d like it to have a story line that has the episodes linking together cleverly, rather than us getting the feeling that it’s been over-thought or rushed.

In all, I have high hopes for Peter Capaldi, like I said. Again, I think when the first episode got started it was really good, and much like the old episodes I grew up with. Gee that makes me sound really old. I’m only seventeen! So by “old episodes”, for me, I mean the ones by Russell T. Davies.

*phew!* It’s over now. The review is done! If you liked it, please remember to like and subscribe and stuff, or even comment on what you thought of the new Doctor. That would be cool, eh?

-The Storyteller


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