Meeting Celebrities

Hey guys!

I always imagine the sort of thing I’d like to say to a celebrity if I ever got the chance to meet one, but I think in reality, whatever I think I’ll say in my head, will only stay in my head because if that ever happened, I would end up speaking gibberish, or saying nothing at all.ย 

However, I had my first celebrity encounter on Friday when we went to a Festival held by some friends of ours to celebrate their 50th Birthday. The Hoosiers played on Friday night, and this was like a dream come true for my younger self because especially when their first and second album came out, I was a massive fan of The Hoosiers. (I still am a fan, just to make that clear!)

After the show they were selling CD’s and T-shirts, and I managed to get my t-shirt signed by the bassist and also got a photo with the mighty fine Irwin Sparkes (Yes, that is the singer’sย name…)! I didn’t really know what to say, and one of my friends their had just been doing this magic trick and I wanted to be all cool and like “hey you’re awesome by the way” but instead I was just like “Oh.. hi can I have a photo please..?”ย 

Foxes also played, on Saturday night (last night) but unfortunately we didn’t get to meet her because she was “feeling overwhelmed” according to one of the people organizing the festival. However one of my brother’s friends (who got to go backstage because of reasons) said that she wanted to go and meet people, but I don’t really know what happened with that.

Anyway, that was my short story about my short celebrity meeting. What made me feel even better was the fact that I’m almost as tall as Irwin Sparkes so that was cool! (I didn’t bring it up though, I thought he might get that a lot… I would know from experience!)

-The Storyteller


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