GCSE’s vs A-Levels

Hey guys!

Here in the UK, results day for both A-levels and GCSE’s are officially over and done with. However, I’ve noticed on Twitter a lot of people who have got their GCSE results saying “how patronizing” it is when people (like me) say how hard A-Levels are.

Okay. Let the rant begin.

I am allowed to say how hard A-Levels are because I am the one in this situation who has in fact done both GCSE’s and A-Levels, so really, I can tell you how hard they are because… they are fricken hard. It’s not being patronizing, it’s being honest. It’s telling you that if you want to get into University you have to work just as hard for it at A-Levels, maybe even harder, because it’s as simple as this: The harder you work, the better grades you get, the more chance of getting into Uni. 

Now, I’m not saying GCSE’s weren’t hard, not at all, I mean, I have no idea how I managed to get a C in Physics and a B in Chemistry, I mean like what?! It’s really a matter of how hard you work for both GCSE’s and A-Levels. It’s a lot of pressure on us because you have to work hard at GCSE to get into College or a Sixth Form, to be able to do A-Levels, to be able to continue into a career that you want.

It’s all so stressful!

It’s kind of a two way street, because at GCSE’s I had people telling me that the step up to A-Levels, particularly in French, was really big, and although this was useful information, it was annoying having everyone I knew in the year above me telling me this so I understand that side of the argument. But I didn’t actually know how hard it was going to be until the term started so even though I had about 100 different people telling me the same thing, I still feel like nothing they said could prepare me for what was to come. 

So that’s kinda my rant over… I don’t know if anyone agrees or disagrees with that? I’m still debating with myself in my head but it’s making me so confused I think I should just stop now before I have a complete brain fart.

-The Storyteller



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