The Road to Happiness

Hey guys!

Yesterday was our last day in Amsterdam, and we went to the Body Worlds Museum, and they had an exhibition on Happiness which was pretty cool for someone like me but after 3 out of the 6 floors on all the scientific reasons as to how and why we are happy when we’re happy, all got a bit tiring. So instead I looked for the coolest things on each floor and spent a while looking at them before moving on (namely non-moving bikes, swings, and bean bags). 

I suppose the reason I’m happy most of the time is because I don’t like to let bad things get to me for too long. I’m lucky in the way that nothing terrible has ever happened to me in my life to make me re-think about all my optimism. However, one of my strong points is being able to motivate, and more importantly, to self-motivate. How else do I get up at 5.30am twice a week to go swimming?

I guess the Road to Happiness can be formed in many different paths. It’s like reaching a fork in the road, and each one just has one signpost which has one word describing what you could have if you choose that route, but whichever route you choose, you will always be left wondering “What if..?” 

What if I chose that path?

What if I didn’t like this one?

What if it doesn’t fulfill my happiness in the future?

The thing is to not worry too much. As simple as it sounds, I know it’s not as easy for some people than it is for others. Some people are born worriers and others just take the opportunity as it comes without a second thought. There’s nothing wrong with either of these things- good and bad things could come to both. The main thing to ask yourself in this situation is “Is this really going to make me happy?” 
If you don’t know, then you’ll always be wanting to know what could’ve happened, and that’s one of the most annoying things in the world. 

Plot Twist!

There’s this whole thing about going out of your comfort zone. Personally, I think that the more you go out of your comfort zone, the more confident you’ll become and the more happy you’ll be. You’ll have more experiences, and you can tell these stories to other people and make them happy to see you happy about this whole new thing and who knows- maybe they’ll try something new out as well. 

As I’m sure you know, I am general, all-round happy person, and statistically, spending time with a happy person makes your happiness levels increase by 15%… or it makes you 15% more happy… something like that. (I’m not a scientist, okay?)

That leads me to my final point. 

Smiling is one of the best ways to make other people happy. Smiling is in fact contagious, believe it or not, so why not go out and smile at everyone you see until they smile back? That sounds really fun… 

-The Storyteller



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