I’m going to learn how to speak!

Hey guys!

I’m just gonna go right out and say it- I’m going to have elocution/speaking/vocal/thing lessons!

Wait, what?

Yup. It’s happening. I wasn’t happy with the result I got for drama, (I don’t know if you got that from my last post) so my mum said
“You know what? I’m gonna get someone to teach you how to speak properly.”
“But I can speak properly. I got a B in English Literarture-“
“Nope, it’s happening.”

So… that’s happening. 

I’ve always had this problem of not o p e n i n g  m y  m o u t h when I speak. Which sounds completely and utterly bizarre when you put it like that, but I can speak really, really fast. And it happens a little too often. Even when I introduce myself to people and I just say my name, it goes a bit like
“Hey I’m Jansfnlaglkdas”
“Hi, sorry, what? I didn’t quite… hear…”
“Oh I seeee!”

It’s embarrassing, to say the least. So the time has come, my friends and followers, for me to finally learn how to speak. Maybe then I will be able to introduce myself to strangers without looking like a twit. 

Now let’s get one thing clear: When I speak, I think I sound perfectly clear and it’s probably just the other person’s hearing. But it’s happened far too often now so there is a chance that it is a problem on my part. I think most of the people I know are used to it- it’s like when someone, like a sibling or a best friend has a lisp, but you just don’t notice it anymore so when people point it out you’re like “Really? Ooooh yeah… that…”

I don’t know when these lessons are going to start, but I have a very busy schedule and this adds to it. I hope it’s on a Monday because that’s when I don’t do anything. HMMM. WE SHALL SEE woah caps lock, what’re you doing there? 

Just so you know, I have scheduled this post so you will have something to read while I’m out having fun in Amsterdam. Yep. Amsterdam. You jealous yet? No? I’ll say it one more time just to rub it in…. AM-STER-DAYUM. (Did I stutter?)

-The Storyteller


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