Examiners Examining

Hey guys!

So A-level results are over and done with for this year, and this leads me to the topic of how examiners examine certain things. 

With subjects such as Art, Drama, Photography, Textiles, Music- the arts, to be more specific, I think it must be a hard job as the examiner because art is a way to express yourself. Other people might not get it, but it makes sense to you… so how can someone examine you on that?

As a Drama student, I think it’s really unfair. I want to continue with drama (hopefully combined with English Literature) at university but when I found out my grades, English was my second highest and Drama was my lowest grade. 

Which really sucks for someone like me. 

On a higher note, I DIDN’T FAIL FRENCH! I think that was the biggest surprise of the century to find that out, because I had convinced myself that I’d failed. But now it makes my choices even harder- not only do I have to reconsider which subject to drop, but also the standard of the Universities I want to go to, look even more carefully at the Grade Requirements… 

But going back to the Arts, I think examining Drama is one thing, but examining Art and Photography is totally different. With these things, it’s all based on opinion- not everyone likes Picasso or Da Vinci, but even the most criticized artists have a few haters because that’s life. But what did they do? They kept going. They kept doing what they’re good at because… they’re good at it. Yes, grades are a big deal if you want to get into University but you do get those people who don’t study say, Drama or Art, and they can become world famous. Just because they’re good and they have self-belief. 


-The Storyteller


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