Life as an Optimist

Hey guys!

I consider myself as an optimist. 

No, really? I would never have guessed… 

Yep, it’s true. I’ve always been happy, and definitely an extrovert. I prefer being surrounded by people and having a laugh. In fact, I think I laugh too much. When we were in South Africa I got hiccups and my friend was saying how he never gets hiccups but I hiccup all the time… I reckon it’s because I laugh a little bit too much. 

On the topic of laughing, I’m one of those people who will continue to laugh long after the joke is no longer funny, every else has stopped laughing and I’m just sitting there, trying to control myself but fail massively because I find it even funnier that I can’t stop laughing. And everyone stares at you. 

Although I love to be happy, there are obviously going to be times when I’m not. Just because someone is an optimist doesn’t mean they can’t be sad. Just like someone who is a pessimist can also be positive. I think it’s how we act around people- maybe we’ve come up with a way to “fit in” and the only way to do this is to be different, or have something that people can instantly see is your… “thing”. I don’t know what to call it. I don’t know where I’m going with this either. It seemed clever in my head… 

I don’t know when I decided that I should be optimistic. It was probably around the time when I learnt what an optimist was and I was like,
“Hey! That’s me!”
So since then I’ve just tried not to spend too much time on my own, thinking too deeply about the mysteries of life and going into the danger zone that can make one really quite depressed. You know those thoughts in the middle of the night when you just can’t get to sleep and the negative side of your brain gets the better of you? There’s also the very philosophical part, but that’s a different story. 

I think that being optimistic generally makes me quite happy. And I hope it’s something that people see and I like to think that it’s an aspect of my personality that people can feel like they trust me or rely on me. However, in saying that, I don’t like it when people always rely on someone to do something for them… that just gets annoying. 

Anyway, I’d better be off to get my AS Exam results now, so wish me luck! 

-The Storyteller


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