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Hey guys! 

I’m back from South Africa at last, but it’s literally to pick up my AS RESULTS TOMORROW and on Friday we’re hopping back on a plane to go to Amsterdam. 

As you do. 

Just a quick question, has the WordPress format of writing new posts changed for anyone else? It has for me and I don’t think I like it. 


While I was out in South Africa, everyone we went to see was going on about the Tim Noakes diet and how it’s “Revolutionary” etc etc. *Although there were some people who didn’t agree but they still talked about it…* Personally, I think if you want to go on a diet, that’s great but you need to think it through carefully. It’s not just about changing what food you eat and how much you eat, oh no! Some people don’t consider that you have to do sport- you won’t loose as much weight as you’d like if you don’t do the two together. And by “Doing sport” I don’t mean joining the Olympic Gymnastics team. Going for a jog- 10 minutes everyday to start with and when you get used to it you can push yourself to increase the time and effort you put in.

So going back to the Tim Noakes diet, I’m not going to go into details about him and what his diet consists of, because you can probably find that out yourself, but the thing is, with dieting in particular, is that you can’t just rely on something because it’s so popular. For example, I am seventeen, and the Tim Noakes diet may not work for me because the Tim Noakes diet probably only really works for Tim Noakes. I’m not saying it’s bad to be inspired- he is a sports scientist after all- but the proper way to diet, or stay in shape or whatever it is you want to do, is to eat everything- everything– in moderation. You don’t have to cut out all sources of sugar from your diet because your body does in fact need sugar. If you just eat sweets or have a can of Coke every now and then instead of every other day, that will be better for your body (and teeth) in the long run. 

You don’t need to be a sports scientist to work that one out. 

-The Storyteller



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