Suffering in Silence

Hey guys.

Many people, including myself, find that the best way to go about something, is to go through it alone. I find, if it’s something really personal, I can’t always tell my parents, which is ironic considering that’s what everyone else tells me to do… I just don’t like the way that certain people react to certain things. I don’t like the way that I already know what they’re going to say before I’ve even told them what’s wrong. And that just makes me feel more alone.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel depressed, I’m not writing this post in floods of tears and screaming at the world to go and die in a hole or something, but recently, there have been people who complain about things to the wrong people. For example, they might rant about how much their lives suck to the masses on Twitter- people who you may not have even met in person- and they won’t necessarily care. I’m not saying that they won’t care, I’m just saying that there is always another option.

For me, I don’t always like telling things that trouble me to some people, because I’m scared of their reaction. Like I said, sometimes if I know the person really well, I know how they’ll react so I don’t want to tell them, but then there are some people who’s views could go either way. They could rant at me for being ungrateful or being stupid, and that just puts me off. However, there is one person who I feel I can actually talk to and get an honest answer. But I don’t always feel like I’ll be the one there for them… Yes I would like to be that shoulder to cry on, but it’s the fact that we are all different and rely on different people.

When there is something troubling me, I actually prefer talking to a friend who isn’t considered to be one of my “close friends” because I want a different view on things, but… how do you go about asking them if you’re not really that close? I suppose that’s why some people take to the internet. I, on the other hand, prefer talking to someone face to face. Sometimes I’ll talk to them on Facebook, but I often find I can’t find the words to describe how I’m feeling and the only way to tell someone is by… telling them.

For anyone who does feel alone, or they can’t talk to anyone about anything, the only way I think you can get through is just by doing it. It’ll be hard, yes, without a doubt. But when you have something unwanted lingering on your mind 24/7, it’s not going to make anything easier, I can guarantee it. I don’t want to say “it doesn’t matter who you talk to”, because it really does matter. How do you know they’re the right person to talk to? How do you know they won’t tell other people what you told them? You don’t know that, but you’re just going to have to risk it because honestly, a great weight will be lifted off your shoulders and everything will become easier after that.

And you can keep moving forward.

-The Storyteller


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