Live to Laugh

Hey guys!

One of the things I’ve always believed in is that laughter is the best medicine, and it’s also a good way to lose calories! However, as much as I love to laugh, there is always a downside.

Occasionally, when I find something so incredibly hilarious, it’s really hard to stop laughing. And then everyone stares at you and it’s just embarrassing. This happened the other day, I was at a rehearsal for a musical I’m doing this weekend, and not everyone had learnt their lines very well, and it was late and I think many of us were quite tired, so everything was funny. The director didn’t seem to see the funny side of it, especially when I was the last one to stop laughing.

The same thing happened today in fact, except I wasn’t the last one laughing, but I thought I should share this story with you all the same. So, in the musical, there is obviously going to be a bad guy, and it’s at the point where we find out his plans, in which once character says;
“That cunning old fox…” Or something.
But he had to say cunning. Not… the other thing he accidentally said. I’m not going to repeat it here because it is too rude, but what made it funnier was that it was by complete accident, and there were little kids nearby who are also taking part in the show and it was just a bit awkward and unexpected. Gladly I wasn’t the only one who found this hilarious.

The point of the post was to talk about why laughter is so good for you. As I said, it’s good for your health, and clearly it makes you feel better, because why else would you laugh? I often find when I’m laughing with my sister, so much that I can’t even breathe, it’s even funnier watching her reaction to my face going red and looking like a mute seal, which makes me laugh more.

I love laughing. And being happy. It makes other people around you happy AND it’s contagious, so there’s really no reason not to have a good laugh every once in a while.

-The Storyteller



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